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edition 101 | 10-08-18

In the UK

Hospital admissions for teenage girls who self-harm nearly double

School work and social media blamed for rise to 13,500 patients from 7,300 in 1997.

Social media is making children regress to mentality of three-year-olds, says top brain scientist

Social media and video games are creating a generation of children with the mental and emotional immaturity of three-year-olds.

New GCSEs and A levels ‘damage mental health’

Teachers warn that the reformed exams have increased their workload and put pupils' mental health at risk.

Robots to help hospitalised pupils return to school

Remote-controlled robot with rotating head allows children to join in with class from hospital.

Social media giants using 'unethical' persuasion techniques to keep children hooked, psychologists warn

Social media giants are employing "unethical" psychologists to keep children hooked online for hours on end, industry experts have warned.

In the US

Pre-school apps 'ignore how children learn'

Warning comes after the education secretary calls for apps to help develop children's communication and reading skills.

New tip line lets students report safety concerns via text

South Dakota school districts are launching an anonymous texting program, to allow residents and students to report school safety concerns in their communities.

Schools explore innovative security enhancements ahead of the new school year

Threats to student safety have schools interested in integrating surveillance and network-security solutions.

'Teachers are central to the good use of edtech'

We shouldn't view edtech as a threat to teachers – it is there to support great teaching practice, writes Cat Scutt.

What K-12 Schools Need to Consider When Moving to the Cloud

As device programs make cloud computing a popular option for school districts, IT teams and administrators should be aware of what to keep in mind when making the switch.

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