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edition 103 | 24-08-18

In the UK

Twitter 'magnifying' GCSE stress, say exam boards

An increasing trend of teenagers taking to Twitter to voice often unfounded worries about their exams is "magnifying" pupil anxiety, awarding bodies have said.

Google and Facebook asked to counter exam cheats

Google and Facebook will be asked to contribute to a new commission aiming to crack down on cheating in public exams.

Children's literacy levels fall as social media hits reading

Heavy use of social media by children has been linked to lower levels of literacy for the first time.

Kids are glued to their screens – but parents are in no position to criticize

A study has found teens are ‘hyperconnected’ to their phones but many of their parents have a problem with their own screen time.

GCSE results rise despite tougher exams

GCSE pass rates in England, Wales and Northern Ireland have risen this year - despite an overhaul to make the exams more demanding.

In the US

Faculty members voice concerns about student reliance on tech

Faculty members shared concerns of students becoming "addicted to their devices." They also said reliance on technology is weakening students' critical thinking and reading skills.

Socioeconomic inequalities often land students of color in special ed, study says

Many students of color are put in special education for learning disabilities, but it’s more often due to social injustices rather than racially biased teachers.

Schools are using AI to track what students write on their computers

Over 50 million k-12 students will go back to school in the US this month. For many of them using a school computer, every word they type will be tracked.

Use of digital devices in class affects students' long-term retention of information

A new study conducted by researchers reveals that students who are distracted by texts, games, or videos while taking lecture notes on digital devices are far more likely to have their long-term memory affected and perform more poorly on exams.

Colorado district moves to four-day week amid intractable budget problems

A school district of nearly 18,000 students in Colorado is switching to a four-day week as the 2018-2019 school year begins. Students will no longer attend school on Mondays, saving the district about $1 million a year.

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