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edition 106 | 14-09-18

In the UK

Mothers want action over sexual assaults at school

Two mothers whose daughters were sexually assaulted at school by other pupils are calling for action to stop other pupils being attacked.

Mental health services 'let down children'

The Scottish government has admitted that children and young people are being "let down" by the country's mental health services.

One in three freshers 'show symptoms of mental health disorder'

Global study investigates prevalence of psychological disorders among first-year university-level students.

School accused of victim blaming after 'telling pupils short skirts make them targets for sexual harassment'

'My daughter ... said the girls had been told that wearing short skirts was putting them in danger', says mother.

Children's minds 'dulled by iPads before starting primary school'

Children are less inquisitive and ask fewer questions because their minds have been dulled by iPads before they even enter primary school, according to the head of Britain’s biggest head teachers’ association.

In the US

Georgia school to ask parents to paddle students as punishment

A school in the US state of Georgia is asking parents to consent to allowing their children to be spanked with a wooden paddle as a form of punishment.

Fire drills and false alarms are re-traumatizing Stoneman Douglas students, teachers

A series of false fire alarms is plaguing Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School and triggering the awful memories of Valentine’s Day for students and staff.

Google grants turn school buses into mobile learning centers

Google has piloted a Rolling Study Halls grant program that equips school buses with Wi-Fi and stripped-down laptops.

Pistol’s safety catch may have stopped a 12-year-old from shooting his teacher in the face, report says

A 12-year-old in Iowa stood face-to-face with his teacher, pointing a loaded gun at the instructor's face, authorities said.

Louisiana ranked #1 for bullying, Webster Parish mother speaks out

Sent off to school feeling just fine, a Webster Parish second grader came back home not feeling well. That’s when he then told his mother that he had a bad day claiming he was bullied by three older students during recess on the playground.

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