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edition 107 | 21-09-18

In the UK

Ofcom to push for regulation of social networks

Media regulator’s chief seeks action to prevent online harm.

Happiness levels of girls and young women have dropped drastically in a decade, new research reveals

Social media is one of the main causes of stress, as outlined by the study.

Supporting students' mental health is a team effort

Tackling an issue this complex will not be achieved by a single measure - if we work together we stand a better chance of success.

Instagram is supposed to be friendly. So why is it making people so miserable?

For a growing number of users and mental health experts, the positivity of Instagram is precisely the problem, with its relentless emphasis on promoting ‘perfect’ lifestyles.

Breck Bednar: Film about grooming and murder of 14-year-old gamer shown in schools

‘Breck’s story shows how easily grooming can happen'.

In the US

Few pupils 'would tell teachers about online risk'

Pupil survey raises concerns that classroom e-safety education has little relevance to children's use of technology.

Plenty can be done to protect children online

Children are online from a young age and we must ensure that once a child has access to the online world, their experiences are safe and positive.

One-third of first-year college students report mental health issues

College campuses are offering more counseling to help deal with the problem.

How Texas towns use social media to make budgets understandable

Budgets and property taxes can be complicated and confusing, but some Texas cities say snapping, tweeting or posting key details can help get the point across.

AI, personalized learning are a dynamic duo for K–12 classrooms

New adaptive software can be the answer for K–12 teachers who want to utilized personalized learning in larger classrooms.

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