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edition 108 | 28-09-18

In the UK

Limiting children's screen time linked to better cognition

Limiting children's recreational screen use has been linked with improved cognition.

Children who do not read and write in free time likely to have worse mental health

'Higher stakes tests can mean reading for pleasure is squeezed out of the day'.

Facebook hate speech glitch investigated by firm

A few days after Janet, not her real name, reported some hate speech on Facebook, the company sent her a message thanking her for doing "the right thing".

At-risk children 'left to fend for themselves' after service cuts

Funding for early intervention reduced by more than a quarter in five years, charity says.

'Bullied' boy's sister found him dead in school

Pupil Bradley John, 14, tragically took his own life two weeks ago.

In the US

US Attorneys General discuss social media privacy concerns

Top law enforcement officials have met with Attorney General Jeff Sessions to discuss how the government can safeguard the privacy of social media users.

Instagram co-founders resign from social media company

The co-founders of Instagram are resigning their positions with the social media company without explanation.

13-year-old arrested after social media threat to shoot up Pines Middle School, cops say

An Instagram conversation led to the arrest of a 13-year-old boy after what police felt was a threat of gun violence at Pines Middle School.

How parents really feel about classroom technology

Despite uncertainties around technology's impact on future jobs, most parents feel optimistic about their children developing tech skills.

Jobs at all levels now require digital literacy

Often, the skills needed to succeed have less to do with computer programming than what experts call "digital literacy"—the ability to interpret, create, and strategically use digital information.

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