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edition 109 | 05-10-18

In the UK

Teenage boys share offensive memes about Holocaust and rape to score ‘lad points’, expert says

‘Offensive memes are normalising racism, sexism and homophobia’.

Anxiety is the leading cause of lower than expected grades in primary school

For some pupils anxiety means they never achieve the results in school that could and indeed should be theirs.

Pre-schoolers are watching more online video, says study

Three out of four children under-five now has access to a tablet, smartphone or computer, according to a study.

UCL plans to publish data on bullying and sexual misconduct

A leading London university is planning to publish annual data on harassment, bullying and sexual misconduct.

Matt Hancock dyslexia struggles 'strengthen case against cuts'

Campaigners against cuts to special educational needs budgets have seized on remarks by the health secretary.

In the US

96% of public schools have adequate internet for digital learning

For more than 44 million students — or in 96% of public schools — high-speed internet connections make digital learning possible.

Bullied teen threatened to shoot up school because he was ‘sick of this,’ cops say

A 16-year-old who said he had been bullied threatened to bring a gun to Everglades High School in Miramar and “shoot up the school,” police said.

Instagram rolls out scannable nametags to all users, adds 'school communities'

Instagram is rolling out its nametag codes for profiles, while also adding new student-focused connection tools.

Study highlights plight of students with only one device at home

The digital divide proves tougher for students with fewer electronic devices at home.

States, schools work together to bring broadband to K–12 districts

One-to-one programs stall without robust infrastructure backing them, school experts say.

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