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edition 111 | 19-10-18

In the UK

'Third of secondary pupils have mental health issues'

Action for Children says the number of children seeking mental health support has risen by 52 per cent in three years.

Pupils livestreaming creates a 'cocktail of risks'

NSPCC survey finds a quarter of seven- to 16-year-olds have broadcast video of themselves online, often to strangers.

Colleges commit to tackling mental health crisis

A record number of Scottish colleges has signed up to a scheme that supports student mental health.

Google: ‘Unfair’ to expect us to end online spread of child porn

Google executive Claire Lilley says social media is a "lifeline" for many young people and warns against over-regulation.

Social media memes encouraging children to be overweight and lazy, academics have warned MPs

A group of researchers from Loughborough University has found popular images shared on sites like Instagram and Twitter often carried “anti-health” messages, such as advocating binge eating.

In the US

How our district uses tech to fight cyberbullying

A tech director shares how monitoring software helps his schools stay on top of wrongdoing.

Social Media, Selfies, and Addiction…

Can taking selfies become an addiction?.

Apple's iPhone and Watch to be used for tracking binge-eating disorder

A team of researchers in the US is set to use Apple iPhone and Watch to track binge eating disorder among people.

Re-evaluating laptops in the classroom

Advocates hailed the Mooresville, N.C. school district after they introduced laptops. Now the benefits aren't certain.

LGBT students face more hostile school climates

During the past several years, LGBTQ students have experienced a more positive school climate, but they could now be facing more hostile campus environments.

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