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edition 113 | 02-11-18

In the UK

Government ‘should quadruple mental health plans’

Children's commissioner warns that plans to support pupils' mental health will only help a fraction of the population.

Criminal law not keeping pace with digital world – report

Law Commission England and Wales calls for reform of laws dealing with online abuse.

‘GoCompare’ style app will level playing field for poorer students, minister says

But Labour says ‘we need urgent and systemic change and quite simply there isn’t an app for that’.

Hinds: 'I am conscious of budgeting challenges for schools'

Following Monday's Budget, the education secretary Damian Hinds insists that education is the most important investment a country can make.

'Hologram' lecturers to teach students at Imperial College London

University classes are set to be given a futuristic spin by letting lecturers appear as hologram-like apparitions beamed in from afar.

In the US

Study: Anxiety, depression, panic attacks all on rise among U.S. college students

Numerous studies have focused on the stress and mental health challenges that U.S. college students today face, and researchers warn things may only be getting worse.

Colleges grapple with teaching the technology and ethics of A.I.

As artificial intelligence moves from the stuff of dystopian fantasies, to the reality of everyday use, universities around the country are grappling with the best ways to teach it.

Ex-Chicago Public Schools employee steals information on 80,000 people in latest data breach

A former Chicago Public Schools employee is in police custody after officials say the worker stole personal information on about 80,000 workers, volunteers and vendors from a CPS database.

Social media and mental Health

New York is the first state in the U.S. to require mental health to be taught as part of health education.

How big a role does social media play in homegrown terrorism?

The deadly rampage on a synagogue in Pittsburgh, Pa., and the letter bombing campaign that targeted Democrats cast a spotlight on the political environment, the mounting threat posed by homegrown terrorism and the rise of far-right extremism in the social media age.

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