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edition 114 | 09-11-18

In the UK

Bullying: Children point finger at adults

Children want adults to show each other more respect, with 41% seeing grown-ups bullying each other in the past six months, a survey says.

Children are being 'datafied from birth'

The children's commissioner for England is calling on internet giants and toy-makers to be more transparent about the data they are collecting on children.

Children's screen time has little effect on sleep, says study

The amount of time children spend on devices has little effect on how long they sleep, a study from Oxford University suggests.

One school pupil in every classroom is bullied every single day, survey suggests

'Children who experience bullying are at higher risk of mental health issues'.

How YouTubers are turning to education through viral videos

For these three top British YouTubers, the video-sharing platform is much more than a place to kill free time. It's the perfect way to help educate a hard-to-reach portion of the public.

In the US

12-year-old posted Snapchat threats to shoot up school because she was bullied, cops say

A 12-year-old girl is facing felony charges after police say she posted threats on Snapchat that she would “shoot someone” at her Pembroke Pines school, according to police.

Mental health ed informs students of difference between stress, depression

Students should recognize there are ups and downs — but that's not the same as having a mental health disorder.

Teen accused of making threat against San Dimas High School

A 14-year-old San Dimas boy was arrested Thursday, Nov. 8, on suspicion of making threats on social media to shoot people at San Dimas High School.

Sextortion scheme targets minors through popular online game Fortnite

Police urge parents to talk online privacy with their kids after 4 cases of sextortion reported.

Analysis: Adolescent mental health issues are on the rise and gun violence is to blame

Children are rightfully beginning to fear going to school because of the massive amount of school shootings within recent years.

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