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edition 115 | 16-11-18

In the UK

Fake news: Can teenagers spot it?

Fake news, misinformation, clickbait - whatever you choose to call it, it is one of the scourges of our times.

Hi-tech watches let children be spied on

A location-tracking smartwatch worn by thousands of children has proven relatively easy to hack.

Headteachers blame funding cuts as fewer children say schools deal with bullying effectively

‘The government’s cuts to school budgets are bad news for children who are being bullied’.

Nearly half of school pupils say friends use discriminatory language towards LGBT+ people

‘It was painful for me – it made me feel like I shouldn’t really be living’.

'Schools should have consistent policy on phones'

Pupils in schools where smartphones are banned like being free of the associated pressures, says England's Children's Commissioner Anne Longfield.

In the US

Trump's policies are increasing teen stress and eroding mental health

For young people across the country, fear of gun violence and stress over racist policies are increasing stress and eroding mental health.

‘Shooting people,’ ‘Rape on video’: Parkland shooter searched Internet for gory content

In the days and months before killing 17 people at a Parkland high school, Nikolas Cruz researched school shootings and other disturbing content on the Internet.

Schools are spending millions on safety. How will they know it's working?

Schools are spending tens of millions of dollars this year to shore up security in the wake of two mass school shootings. But how do K-12 leaders know if they are spending their scarce funds in the right way?

Students learning how to use power of social media for good

Students at Greenall High School recognize that bullying and cyberbullying are an issue, but after gathering for a rally, they are hoping to use social media to bring about positive change.

Teen with cerebral palsy bullied into being human bridge for classmates

A video showing students bullying a Canadian teen with cerebral palsy into serving as a human bridge has outraged thousands of people around the world.

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