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edition 118 | 07-12-18

In the UK

Girls 'more likely to face loneliness'

Young women are more likely than young men to have feelings of loneliness, according to a study from the Office for National Statistics (ONS).

YouTube deletes cheating videos after BBC investigation

YouTube has deleted thousands of videos promoting academic cheating in the last week after a BBC Trending investigation.

Mental health: hundreds wait over a year for help

New figures show the long waits children face for specialist mental health treatment.

Sharp rise in number of young people seeking help for anxiety

Majority of Childline sessions provided to girls with helpline’s founder saying system is ‘failing them’.

Top Irish boys school investigating classroom bullying incident after footage of teen suffering from Asperger’s was attacked shared on social media

The incident was filmed by someone beside the assailant and posted on social media, where it was widely shared.

In the US

How the internet of things may change K–12 culture

Experts say security is key when implementing any IoT system.

'Go kill yourself' is popular teen expression. Is bullying culture unavoidable?

Is the bullying culture unavoidable among children today, despite the myriad efforts of schools and educators to raise awareness about bullying and suicide?

UMass group protecting teens from terrorism online

Students from the University of Massachusetts Lowell, are concerned about the threat teens can face by interacting with terrorist organizations.

Why hazing continues despite physical and mental health consequences

Hazing can have a sinister side involving physical or sexual abuse and emotional trauma.

Survey of teens says social media lets them connect with friends and get support

The biggest positive of social media use that teens identified was feeling more connected to their friends, which 81 percent of respondents said helped them.

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