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edition 123 | 18-01-19

In the UK

University switches off social media to help student well-being

A university is switching off all its social media channels for a few days as an example to encourage its students to try their own "digital detox".

Schools failing to tackle bullying and poor behaviour to be heavily punished by Ofsted

‘If every child behaved in school then the standards would rocket up’.

Google is promoting anti-education message, MPs warn after adverts suggest spelling is not important

The adverts urge people to "keep spelling it how you say it", referring to the algorithm that predicts what you are trying to spell when typing into Google’s search.

Surrey must "simplify" access to children and teen mental health services, new Leader says

Surrey County Council’s new leader has stressed the need for better working with voluntary organisations and charities to help meet mental health needs in the county.

Sex Education: Netflix series praised for 'accurate' depiction of abortion scenes by experts

Episode three of the comedy-drama series is being commended for its tactful depiction of abortion.

In the US

Half of parents whose children have considered suicide have no idea the thought has crossed their mind, according to a study of 5,000 youth

More than 75 percent of parents have not talked to their children about their thoughts on death and dying, according to the largest-ever youth suicide survey.

IT worker at private school admits to downloading, enjoying child pornography, cops say

An IT worker at a Fort Lauderdale private school who said he’d worked with the school’s Family and Children’s Ministry previously is in Broward County Jail on seven child pornography charges.

Virginia school system sues state in quest to arm teachers

A school system in deep southwestern Virginia has filed a lawsuit challenging the state’s decision to bar the system’s employees from carrying firearms.

Family to sue school after teen charged for defending self against bullying

A Georgia attorney says the 15-year-old student was maliciously prosecuted for fighting back.

15 trends that hinder, accelerate, and enable K-12 innovation

For innovation to unfold, educators have to overcome stubborn obstacles.

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