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edition 124 | 01-02-19

In the UK

Children 'afterthought' for social media companies

Children "remain an afterthought" for leading social media companies, England's Children's Commissioner, Anne Longfield, has said.

Facebook adviser criticises 'lax' child checks

One of Facebook's independent child safety advisers has criticised the firm over a scheme that gave it access to teenagers' highly personal information, without taking more effort to verify their parents had given permission.

Instagram: Girl tells how she was 'hooked' on self-harm images

At the age of 12, Libby, became "hooked" on posting and viewing self-harm images on Instagram - including pictures of cutting, burning and overdosing.

LGBTQ teenagers are creating new online subcultures to combat oppression

Cyberbullying is difficult to combat, because the bullies are often anonymous. And toxic debates can fester on social media: the 2017 Stonewall school report found that “two in five LGBT young people are bullied online”.

Warwick students suspended over rape threats allowed to return early

Two students banned from the University of Warwick for 10 years for their involvement in a group chat that threatened rape will be allowed to return later this year, it has emerged.

In the US

Montreal teen charged after social media threats close US school

A 15-year-old teenager from Montreal was charged with making threats on social media to a high school in Pennsylvania that prompted the FBI to launch an investigation that closed down the regional high school.

Middle Schoolers Plotted 'Columbine-Style' Shooting, Police Say

The students created a hit list of students and a teacher they wanted to kill on Instagram, according to police.

Young people’s mental health is a ‘worsening crisis’. Action is needed

In both the UK and US, services for young people are being cut, leaving those from marginalised groups at greatest risk of suicide.

How Google's AI is purging hate and violence from the 'toxic' internet

Online poison comes in many forms. And with almost everyone and everything now online, we have manifestly failed to make the environment safer and more secure.

The Facebook research app reportedly paid teens for access to their data

The social media giant has reportedly been paying users to use an app that can effectively track all of their activity on their phones.

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