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edition 126 | 15-02-19

In the UK

Is young people's mental health getting worse?

Poor mental health among children and young people has been described as an epidemic and an "escalating crisis".

Girl posts 'chilling Snapchat video contemplating suicide - then jumps to her death'

Hailey Nailor, 16, was reportedly mocked by bullies even after she died - and pals claim she was encouraged to take her own life.

'She's actually a very sweet girl': Father of teenage girl filmed threatening to kill a classmate before encouraging her to commit suicide in sickening video says the 15-year-old was 'just kidding'

The father of one of the teens featured in a shocking video encouraging a classmate to kill herself says his daughter is extremely remorseful and the footage was filmed as a joke.

Teenage cannabis use linked to depression in later life

"Teen cannabis use is to blame for 60,000 people suffering depression in the UK," reports The Sun.

No evidence playing violent video games leads to aggressive behaviour in teens, study finds

'The idea that violent video games drive real-world aggression is a popular one, but it hasn’t tested very well over time.

In the US

Editorial: CPS, social media and curbing trouble among students

In 2015, Chicago Public Schools officials quietly began checking out social media for signs of trouble among students that could lead to serious violence.

Ex-coach of St. Thomas Aquinas hockey club charged with child porn

A former volunteer hockey coach with St. Thomas Aquinas High School’s hockey club was arrested, accused of possessing child pornography.

Florida school hires 2 combat veterans to take down active shooters

By the end of February, students will see two combat veterans in body armor roaming the grounds, each carrying a 9-millimeter Glock handgun and a semiautomatic rifle with a 17-inch barrel.

The number of Americans who say they've been bullied online is frightening

Since we spend so much time online nowadays, the opportunity to be bullied follows us everywhere.

New global survey offers snapshot of technology in the classroom in 2019

Classroom technology continues to evolve rapidly, but there’s no replacement for pencil and paper.

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