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edition 128 | 01-03-19

In the UK

Instagram biggest for child grooming online - NSPCC finds

Sex offenders are grooming children on Instagram more than any other online platform, a charity has found.

YouTube bans comments on all videos of children

YouTube says it will switch off comments on almost all videos featuring under-18s, in an attempt to "better protect children and families".

Momo challenge: The anatomy of a hoax

Following a flurry of scare stories, some schools have warned parents about the "momo challenge" - but fact-checkers say it is a hoax.

TikTok: Record fine for video sharing app over children's data

Short-form video sharing app TikTok has been handed the largest ever fine for a US case involving children's data privacy.

TikTok launches anti-bullying feature which lets users filter comments

The wildly popular app TikTok has launched a new ‘safety feature’ which will help users protect themselves from bullies.

In the US

Social media monitoring drastically cut down misconduct: CPS security chief

By keeping tabs on students’ social media posts — and intervening when violence seemed imminent — CPS officials reduced incidents of misconduct by up to 50 percent.

Bullying by classmates, teachers pushed 4th grader to suicide attempt, mom says

Months of bullying in a Bronzeville classroom and complaints to administrators that went ignored led an 11-year-old South Side boy to attempt suicide earlier this week, according to his mother.

Man threatened to put Miami students ‘in caskets,’ school officials say

A 19-year-old man was arrested Monday after school officials say he posted a threat against William H. Turner Technical Arts High School on Instagram.

Anxiety, depression and bullying top US teen problems, survey says

Anxiety, depression and drug addiction are the leading problems in a deepening mental health crisis among America's young people.

Georgetown launches think tank on security and emerging technology

Georgetown University announced Thursday the launch of a think tank focused on how technological advances in fields such as artificial intelligence are influencing national and international security.

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