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edition 132 | 29-03-19

In the UK

Police in schools increase after knife crime

The number of police officers based in schools in London is going to be significantly increased in response to a wave of knife crime.

Schools funding shortfall of £5.4bn ‘worse than estimated’

Deficit for past three years in England reflects ‘intolerable’ situation, says unions.

Extremism is global education fight, says Blair

The former UK prime minister said there should be an international agreement to put teaching against extremism into education systems around the world.

Bad behaviour in classrooms fuelled by fashionable ‘restorative justice’ schemes, teacher union chief says

The schemes are failing to deter unruly pupils from misbehaving, according to Chris Keates, general secretary of National Association of Schoolmasters Union of Women Teachers (NASUWT).

Smart talking: are our devices threatening our privacy?

Millions of us now have virtual assistants, in our homes and our pockets. Even children’s toys are getting smart. But when we talk to them, who is listening?

In the US

Why students’ emotional well-being in school is tied to their success

A new report outlies how positive emotional well-being in school can help students develop the right skills to excel in higher ed and the workforce.

US Education Department investigating college bribery scheme

Secretary Betsy DeVos previously said officials were weighing whether department rules were violated.

California legislators weigh strict limits on cellphones in schools

Assembly Bill 272 would restrict or ban use unless there’s an emergency or a physician deems access is key for health or well-being.

How VR enhances the business school experience

Simulated 3D environments and tech tools are preparing MBA student for the future.

3 tech curriculum strategies that boost student opportunities, IT capacity

Schools are feeding students’ tech interests with programs offering real-world experience assisting educators and community members.

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