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edition 133 | 05-04-19

In the UK

Teens 'not damaged by screen time', study finds

There is little evidence of a link between the amount of time teenagers spend on devices and their general wellbeing, a study has suggested.

Video app TikTok fails to remove online predators

Video-sharing app TikTok is failing to suspend the accounts of people sending sexual messages to teenagers and children, a BBC investigation has found.

School pupil attempted suicide after being in isolation for a month

The girl, who has autistic spectrum disorder, was put in isolation by her school in Kent for more than a month, where she was forced to remain silent and had no directed teaching.

Hackers beat university cyber-defences in two hours

A test of UK university defences against cyber-attacks found that in every case hackers were able to obtain "high-value" data within two hours.

Psychologist against LGBT+ lessons investigated by professional body for ‘unethical’ comments

A prominent campaigner against relationship and sex education (RSE) lessons including sections on LGBT+ partnerships, is being investigated over comments deemed to be "unethical"

In the US

Facebook's ad system pushes stereotypes

Researchers found that Facebook's algorithms showed lumber job ads to mostly white men, while secretarial job ads mostly went to black women.

Social media gets thumbs-down in new US poll

Americans are fearful about the impact of social media firms such as Facebook and Twitter, with many saying they spread misinformation and divide the country.

Can audiobooks be the great equalizer for students with learning differences?

It's time to find new approaches to personalize learning for students who learn differently.

University removes access to yearbooks with racist images

A librarian at the school received a request to remove access to the yearbooks that show students and faculty wearing blackface and contain other racist imagery.

Lawmakers discuss sexual assault on campus

Efforts to reauthorize the Higher Education Act could derail the education secretary’s attempts to finalize rules regarding Title IX and campus sexual assault.

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