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edition 134 | 12-04-19

In the UK

UK’s new internet plans could bring state censorship of the internet, campaigners warn

'The government’s proposals would create state regulation of the speech of millions of British citizens'.

Websites to be fined over 'online harms' under new proposals

Internet sites could be fined or blocked if they fail to tackle "online harms" such as terrorist propaganda and child abuse, under government plans.

Parents of teen who took his own life raise concerns about mental health services

The parents of a Cromer teenager were advised to seek private support for him, rather than rely on the mental health trust, leading up to his death, an inquest has heard.

Social media bosses personally liable for harmful content under new UK rules

Social media companies will be legally required to protect their users – with senior management held personally liable if they do not comply with new rules around harmful content.

Smart speaker recordings reviewed by humans

Amazon, Apple and Google all employ staff who listen to customer voice recordings from their smart speakers and voice assistant apps.

In the US

Police investigate cyberbullying Twitter profile targeting girls at Perrysburg High School

Perrysburg school officials and police are looking for the creators of a Twitter account whose stated goal is “helping out guys and ranking the hottest, best girls at PHS.”.

R.I.P. to a startling Facebook feature: Reminders of dead friends’ birthdays

Sheryl Sandberg, Facebook’s chief operating officer, said the company was improving ways people can “find comfort in times of grief.”.

New video shows Chicago cops dragging, punching and tasing CPS student

A new surveillance video shows Chicago police officers push and drag a student down a set of stairs at Marshall High School on the West Side before punching her and shocking her with a stun gun multiple times.

How K–12 schools should define and act on digital learning

A more student-centered learning approach blends the best of the traditional classroom with more modern, digital learning environment tools and tactics.

Disney CEO Bob Iger denounces social media as a vessel for hatred and fear which 'Hitler would have loved'

Disney CEO Bog Iger delivered a stinging rebuke of social media, saying 'hate and anger have dragged us towards the abyss.'.

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