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edition 136 | 26-04-19

In the UK

Parents and children march against plans to test four-year-olds

Petition opposing standardised assessment for under-fives in England is delivered to No 10.

Two degrees now needed to get higher pay

Young graduates in England need a postgraduate degree to get significantly ahead in earnings, official income data suggests.

Special needs education gets £45m boost

Suffolk County Council wants to create more than 800 new special educational needs places.

Exams begin for thousands of Scots pupils

This year’s exam season is getting under way in schools and colleges across Scotland.

Private school fees set for biggest rise in five years after Treasury’s ruling on teacher pensions

Private school fees are to see the biggest price hike in five years after the Treasury’s ruling on teacher pensions, the Independent School Council has said.

In the US

3 no-cost ways to support mental health in schools

70% of teens identified mental health as a major issue among their peers; here are some ways districts can help.

Benetech, Macmillan pioneer effort to make all digital books ‘born accessible’

Working with more than 850 publishers across the world, the library adds as many as 100,000 titles every year, according to Brad Turner, vice president and general manager of global education and literacy at Benetech.

Should ‘Mental Health Days’ be excused absences? These students think so.

In previous years, a willing parent might have called their child's school to report them as sick as an excuse to stay home to deal with emotional exhaustion, to see a therapist, or just to take a break.

6 ways to support a digital transformation

What is a CIO’s role in a district’s digital transformation, and how can goals be achieved?

Extracurriculars are more than nice-to-have: they’re essential

Here’s the problem: Low-income and minority students are at a structural disadvantage when it comes to accessing out-of-school opportunities.

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