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edition 137 | 03-05-19

In the UK

Instagram to start hiding the number of likes on posts

'We want your followers to focus on the photos and videos you share, not how many likes they get'.

Facebook launches redesign to focus on Groups as it tries to make private social network

The fresh new look and range of other updates came as part of Facebook's attempt to show itself to be private and secure despite a range of data scandals.

Coroner calls on universities to destigmatise mental health issues

Maria Voisin was speaking after inquest into death of Bristol university student Ben Murray.

School exclusions for drugs and alcohol at ten-year high as 'county lines' gangs are blamed

Criminal groups recruiting youngsters to ferry drugs around the country has also led to a steep rise in teenagers being convicted and prosecuted.

Teen suicides rose after Netflix's 13 Reasons Why aired, US study shows

New study found 28.9% increase in suicides among Americans aged 10-17 in month after release of the controversial teen drama.

In the US

Burger King takes on McDonald’s with a range of ‘unhappy’ meals

No one is happy all the time. That’s the message Burger King is trying to communicate with a lineup of burger meals focused on “real” moods to help raise awareness about mental health.

Swarthmore students demand closing of fraternity that boasted of ‘rape attic’

The fraternity brothers wrote of acquiring date-rape drugs and bragged about their “rape attic.”.

Classroom teachers can have guns. Painful debate marks final passage by Florida House.

The Florida Legislature approved letting armed teachers on campus in response to the Parkland shooting.

Man who posted Snapchat video of gun, alarming message arrested: Prosecutors

A New Jersey man who alarmed local schools by posting a Snapchat video of a gun with the caption "Maybe Tomorrow" has been arrested, prosecutors say.

Climate change poses mental health risks to children and teens

The impacts of climate change can hurt kids’ mental health in a wide range of ways.

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