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edition 139 | 17-05-19

In the UK

MPs ask Instagram chiefs about suicide poll

Instagram executives have said they are "heartbroken" over the reported suicide of a teenager in Malaysia who had posted a poll to its app.

Feelings of self-disgust make cyberbullying worse

People who feel disgusted with themselves are more likely to suffer mental health issues as a result of being targeted by cyberbullies.

Majority of parents say exam pressure is affecting children’s mental health, poll finds

Children have lost sleep and sought healthcare advice over stress related to tests, survey says.

How much does poor body image affect mental health?

Having concerns about how you look is not in itself a mental illness, but can trigger a range of problems.

Bullying campaigner admits cyberbullying 'not as prevalent' as offline bullying

Anti-bullying campaigner Alex Holmes says concentrating on cyberbullying risks ignoring the "bigger problem" of school bullying.

In the US

‘It’s like the Wild West’: Sexual assault victims struggle in K-12 schools

While college campuses have become the battleground for Title IX debates, the mishandling of sexual assault cases in primary and secondary schools.

Student 'Geek Squads' maintain school devices, help teachers

Some teachers struggle to keep up with changing technologies. Some schools are using students, who have grown up with the technology, to be a part of the upkeep and maintenance now.

Skinner West teacher removed over claim of ‘inappropriate contact’ with students

A teacher at a top-rated West Loop elementary school has been removed as district officials investigate an allegation that the staffer had “inappropriate contact with students.”

Swastika found in restroom at Maryland middle school

School in Montgomery County is “very saddened” and calls behavior unacceptable.

Facebook to restrict livestream feature after Christchurch attack

The company said it would prevent users who violate “our most serious policies” from using Facebook Live for “set periods of time — for example 30 days — starting on their first offense.”

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