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edition 140 | 24-05-19

In the UK

Students share sexual abuse allegations online because they feel ignored by university staff

'One person came to us and said that after reporting sexual assault to her university and the police, she was put in the same room as the perpetrator for all of her exams,' says campaigner.

Technology replacing books for bedtime stories

Busy parents are relying on smart speakers to tell children bedtime stories or are substituting storytime with videos.

Too many children in mental health hospitals, says report

Too many children in England are being admitted to mental health hospitals unnecessarily, according to a report.

Ofsted failure over school where pupil rapist ‘groomed’ teenager

Father whose daughter was allegedly sexually exploited at school says getting Ofsted to take an interest was like ‘running at a brick wall’.

Mobile addiction: School's phone-free Fridays to help pupils

Teenagers are routinely described as being glued to their mobile phones but at one school they have volunteered to hand them in to teachers once a week.

In the US

Teenagers need our support, not criticism, as they navigate life online

A form of harassment that didn't exist even a few years ago, and highlights the fast-evolving digital world our teenagers now have to manage.

Teenage girls and dating violence: Why we should be paying attention

A new study found that 90% of young people killed by an intimate partner from 2003 and 2016 were girls.

Help hard to find for teens struggling with mental health, thoughts of suicide

The nation's medical system falls far short of meeting the demand for teen mental health services because cases of suicide and psychiatric disorders are skyrocketing.

Suicide prevention groups turn to social media to save lives

Although unnerved at first, counselors have found that apps can help troubled teens find help.

How K–12 schools can balance privacy and security protocols

Evolving classroom technology integrations require educators to be more mindful about how new tools affect student privacy.

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