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edition 142 | 7-06-19

In the UK

‘Alarming’ rise in self-harm rates among young women, study shows

More must be done to help young people, researchers warn.

University regulator unveils £14m mental health scheme to reduce student suicides

Too many young people have experiences ‘blighted by mental ill-health’, says watchdog boss.

YouTube to delete thousands of accounts after it bans supremacists, conspiracy theorists and other ‘harmful’ users

Users that promote ideas such as flat earth and fake cures for illnesses will be hidden.

The social media warning signs that show a friend is depressed

Northumbria University yesterday announced it will monitor students’ social media profiles to create an “early warning system” that could detect mental illness and prevent suicide.

Silicon Valley parents banning tech for their kids

Some of the creators of the apps and technology we spend so much time on are now on a mission to keep it away from their kids.

In the US

Avoiding the pitfalls of social media in school

Using social media in school can be very engaging, but it also has its drawbacks—educators should proceed with care.

Student arrested over Snapchat shooting threat to Lake View High School

Authorities were notified at 5:37 a.m. about the threat to the school in the 4000 block of North Ashland Avenue.

Texas governor signs bill allowing more armed teachers

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott has signed into law several measures meant to boost school security, including ones that will allow armed teachers in schools and increase mental health services for students.

When social media is really problematic for adolescents

Underlying problems may make some young people particularly vulnerable to what they find on social media, an expert says.

Ed tech for students in special education: What K-12 leaders, vendors need to know

Schools spend more than $3 billion a year on digital content. So how can they make sure that their investment is paying off for all learners, including students in special education, who make up about 13 percent of the public-school population?.

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