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edition 143 | 14-06-19

In the UK

Students want parents to be told in mental health crisis

Two-thirds of students support universities being able to warn parents if students have a mental health crisis, an annual survey suggests.

Nearly half of British teens exposed to harmful social media content - but two-thirds don't report it, study finds

Nearly half of British teenagers have said they have been exposed to harmful content on social media, but two-thirds did not report it, a survey has found.

Transphobic leaflets sent to Catholic school pupils across UK

Pamphlet features a group of young boys and girls asking: 'Am I a boy? Am I a girl? Or Both?'

Mariam Moustafa death: Nottingham attack 'fuelled by social media'

An engineering student who died after being attacked by a group of teenagers was targeted in a row "over a boy", a court heard.

College staff feel unsafe as students bring in machetes, hammers and metal bars, says union

Support workers forced to act as human shields as armed gang members chase teenager in college.

In the US

Policeman arrested after student uses Snapchat's 'gender swap' filter to pose as underage girl

Officer Robert Davies is on paid leave after being charged with communicating with a minor to commit a felony.

Wisconsin parents to be fined if children are bullies at school

A handful of American cities are trying something else: fining the parents.

Digital Surveillance and School Safety: 5 Things Administrators Need to Know

Under intense pressure to prevent the next school shooting, K-12 leaders are deploying massive digital surveillance systems that vacuum up digital data and scan for possible warning signs.

LGBTQ+ youth prefer to seek mental health help digitally

Almost 40 percent of young people between the ages of 13 and 24 who identify as LGBTQ+ have seriously considered suicide in the last year.

With growing calls for more mental health services, states tackle school counselor caseloads

A 250-to-1 ratio is recommended, but it's much higher in many states — Arizona peaks at 905-to-1. And funds aren't always available to help lower the numbers.

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