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edition 148 | 26-07-19

In the UK

Facebook kids app flaw let strangers into chats

A flaw with Facebook’s app for under-13s meant children came into contact with unapproved strangers, the company has confirmed.

Graduates 'need mental health support'

Ex-students suffering a "low period" after leaving the university "bubble" need more support, a charity has said.

LGBT+ protests: Demonstrations spread to primary school in Nottingham

Activists against inclusive lessons include man banned from Birmingham gathering and another who has no children at the school.

Lancaster University students’ data stolen in cyber-attack

Records and ID documents accessed and fake invoices sent in ‘malicious’ hack.

Autistic children more likely to be involved in bullying – study

Researchers call for more resources to help parents deal with bullying behaviours in home and school.

In the US

Mental health days: How teens changed the law in Oregon

Students in Oregon will be able to take mental health days in the same way they would take sick days under a new law.

Missing US teen turns up in viral video of attack

It was all captured on video in broad daylight - and shared on social media.

A boy was bullied with anti-immigrant taunts. His mom was beaten when she defended him

The conflict began at school the day before the attack, when the 13-year-old and some other boys chanted "go back to Mexico" to a group of students in the cafeteria.

CPS watchdog received nearly 3 sexual misconduct allegations against adults per school day last school year

Almost two dozen employees have been fired and nearly 100 pulled from schools in response to the hundreds of accusations.

Segregation reinforced by school districts

Study finds that schools remain largely segregated by race and income.

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