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edition 156 | 27-09-19

In the UK

Why it’s time for social media to face new online safety laws

The internet is here to stay so we need to become more aware of social media dangers.

Summer-born children ‘more likely to be diagnosed with depression’ than older pupils

Researchers found children born in the last quartile of the academic year were estimated to have a 30 per cent increased risk of depression compared with those born in the first quartile.

Inside one of the world's largest licensed brothels

A BBC investigation has found children as young as seven are being groomed to sell sex in one of the world’s largest licensed brothels.

Verdict on Ofsted changes: Brutal, better, intense

Teachers share their first impressions of Ofsted's new curriculum-focused school inspections.

Pornography 'one click away' from young children

Children are stumbling upon pornography online from as young as seven, a report has indicated.

In the US

Make the move from digital citizenship to digital leadership

An award-winning media specialist empowers students to take control of their own learning and online behaviour.

Growing ed tech demands stretch shorthanded school, district IT staffs

Cybersecurity in particular is a growing challenge for small teams with limited funds.

Tips for using social media with educators

Social media platforms are a great vehicle for companies with valuable edtech tools--here are some strategies for using social media with educators.

The Kansas teacher who buries treasure in every student's desk

With more than 50,000 artifacts, history teacher Keil Hileman has turned his classroom into a time-machine, where each object carries a distinct story.

5 Teacher-Approved Apps To Boost Your Kindergartener's Skills

These apps also teach soft skills including empathy and self-awareness.

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