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edition 157 | 04-10-19

In the UK

Sadfishing: Social media trend threatens teenagers’ mental health, report warns

Pupils seeking support online are being affected by latest trend.

Instagram will roll out its anti-bullying 'Restrict' tool to all users so they can avoid nasty commenters without being caught reporting or blocking people

Instagram users will now be able to block mute and hide people who bully them in the comments, the company has said.

Big rise in reports of university sexual assaults

Reports of rape, sexual assault and harassment at UK universities have trebled in three years, a BBC investigation suggests.

Sex education classes could be compulsory in Wales

Parents are set to lose their right to remove their children from sex and relationship classes under Welsh Government plans.

Facebook encryption threatens public safety, say ministers

The home secretary says that if Facebook has a credible plan to protect its users then it is time to disclose the details.

In the US

Instagram Now Lets You Control Your Bully's Comments

Instagram announced a new anti-bullying feature called Restrict.

After scandal, CPS spent $6.7M to protect students from sexual misconduct, new report says

The district is budgeting another $7.8 million this school year on the initiatives.

Florida Addresses Child Trafficking

Florida will be the first state to require schools to teach K-12 students about child trafficking prevention after the state's Board of Education unanimously approved the rule on Monday.

She’s 8 Years Old. Her Superpower? Creating Anti-Bullying Comics

Loot, a new store in Brooklyn, is encouraging children to tell their stories. And there are plenty of comic books to inspire them.

US, UK and Australia urge Facebook to create backdoor access to encrypted messages

Facebook says it opposes calls for backdoors that would ‘undermine the privacy and security of people everywhere’.

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