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edition 158 | 11-10-19

In the UK

Social media has 'little effect on girls' wellbeing'

Getting enough sleep and seeing friends may have a bigger effect on teenage girls' mental wellbeing than social media use, a report suggests.

Universities 'must do more to tackle harassment'

Universities must do more to tackle harassment and hate crimes on campus, a report says.

Most girls have a friend who has self-harmed

Research finds that 15% of girls and young women feel unhappy most of the time, with school a common source of anxiety.

Large academy chains more likely to have children disappear from schools without explanation, study finds

The majority of unexplained exits, around three quarters, are experienced by vulnerable pupils.

How can every mind matter in a broken mental health system?

Readers respond to the launch of the NHS Every Mind Matters campaign and share their thoughts on other mental health issues.

In the US

Administrators share 7 tips for building positive school culture

Carefully managing hallway messaging and modeling positive attitudes can be difference-makers on student performance, teacher retention and more.

YouthTruth survey details how one middle school curbed rising bullying rates

Noticing its bullying rate had risen from a steady 28% to 46%, Quincy Junior High School implemented targeted interventions that led to a 10% decrease.

New Mexico schools secretly restraining and secluding students

Investigation finds that restraint – meant for extreme circumstances – is widely used to manage special education children.

Ed tech's growth breeds district IT 'management nightmare'

Schools are the second-most targeted industry for ransomware attacks, with more than 49 incidents already this year and at least 700 since 2016.

A Teenager Killed Himself After Being Outed as Bisexual

His death was a result of “social media bullying” and called for a thorough investigation.

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