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edition 18 | 15-07-16

In the UK

Justine Greening is the new education secretary

Justine Greening has been announced as the new education secretary following the sacking of Nicky Morgan.

Texting parents boosts maths grades, study suggests

Texts from schools to parents about tests and homework can boost secondary pupils' maths grades by the equivalent of a month in class, research suggests.

How much do you know about sex education in UK schools?

'The gaps in school Sex and Relationships Education are plain to see,' say experts, following new research warning of a 'safeguarding crisis' for young people lacking the correct information and advice.

Pokemon Go UK launch should not have happened because of child safety fears, says NSPCC

The children’s charity said that it was troubled that developers had ‘ignored many warning signals and well documented child safety concerns.’

EU universities must not 'punish' UK for Brexit vote

British universities should not be viewed by European partners as a “risk” to research projects, the League of European Research Universities (Leru) has said.

In the US

Boost social media skills with online courses

Whether students pursue a free versus a paid online course in social media depends on their goals. In the digital age, social media skills are crucial for marketing purposes and personal branding alike, experts say.

Poll: After education, young people diverge on 2016 issues

Young people in America are united in saying education is the issue that matters most when it comes to picking a new president, but there's a wide diversity of thought on what else will drive their vote.

10 universities where the most freshmen commute to campus

At each of these schools, at least 63 percent of first-year students lived off campus.

These quotes from birthday girl Malala Yousafzai will inspire

Survivor Malala Yousafzai continuously makes efforts to "ensure every girl has access to 12 years of free, safe, quality primary and secondary education.

Turn to the on-demand economy to pay for college

The gig economy – with its flexible side jobs – is helping students earn extra cash between classes to pay for college.

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