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edition 19 | 22-07-16

In the UK

Parents call for education to address sexting by
children and young people

New figures released by the PSHE Association show the scale of parental concern about sexting amongst children and young people.

University tuition fees rise to £9,250 for current students

University tuition fees in England will rise to £9,250 per year from 2017 and the increase could apply to students who have already started courses.

VIDEO: Computerised toys help kids switch on to cyber safety

Children have been given a ‘block by block’ guide to cyber safety as part of a hands on project using computerised Lego.

Over half of parents want a shorter summer break to stop their child's learning abilities declining

Tuition company Explore Learning have released results from a survey which suggests parents think the summer holiday is too long.

NSPCC issues warning over leaving children home alone

As schools break up for the holidays, a children's charity is urging parents to think carefully before leaving children home alone over the summer.

In the US

Schools build for the future

New energy-efficient facilities designed with modern learning in mind.

Schools have a Cubone to pick with Pokemon go over privacy

Administrators, educators and policymakers are concerned that the game is taking more from students than it’s giving.

Digital device choices could impact common-core test results, studies finding

Some test questions are likely harder to answer on tablets than on laptop and desktop computers.

Chromebooks outsell macs in US education market

According to IDC numbers, May sales saw Google’s Chromebooks officially overtook Macs in the American education market for the first time this year.

Many online students use mobile devices for coursework

59 percent of survey respondents said they used a mobile device for at least some online classwork.

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