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edition 21 | 05-08-16

In the UK

Sex education classes could become compulsory in UK primary schools

Primary school children could be legally required to attend sex education classes.

Theresa May should fund private schools to take on poor students

There are more pupils in independent schools than ever before.

Sharp pencils, seating plans and a big reserve of enthusiasm: how primary teachers prepare for the new term

Preparation is key to surviving the first few weeks of the new school year.

Parents pick schools 'based on social class', depriving children of good education, research suggests

Middle class parents who play the admissions code are pushing poor children out of outstanding schools, research finds.

Taxi drivers who won't do child sexual exploitation training will lose their licence, council warns

TAXI drivers who fail to complete new training in spotting child sexual exploitation will have their licences suspended, it has been announced.

In the US

Reducing 'mean girl' behaviors in classrooms benefits boys and teachers too

Relational aggression program, pioneered in girls, improves overall classroom climate.

Getting drop-outs back in the classroom

As a new school year begins, some districts are increasing efforts to re-enroll drop-outs.

Encourage critical thinking by turning your class into a Socratic Seminar

A Socratic Seminar gets students thinking, talking, and learning about texts.

How schools can get homeless high schoolers to college

Homeless students may not be aware of the resources, like college application fee waivers, that are available.

Longtime U-Va. film professor arrested on child pornography charges

A longtime University of Virginia film professor was arrested Tuesday amid allegations that he was in possession of child pornography.

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