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edition 25 | 09-09-16

In the UK

Online paedophiles can groom a child in less than 20 minutes, study finds

It can take less than 20 minutes for “highly skilled” paedophiles to groom a child on the internet, according to new research.

10 tips for being a better parent: a headteacher writes

Sometimes teachers see children’s anxieties or difficult behaviour and have a pretty clear idea where it comes from.

In post-Brexit Britain, it's time to end the gender education gap once and for all

Is there enough support for boys in the education system?

Record numbers call Childline over suicidal thoughts

Childline received an average of one call every 30 minutes from UK children with suicidal thoughts last year, the NSPCC has said.

Grammar schools: PM seeks to ensure places for poorer pupils

The expansion of grammar schools in England will be accompanied by conditions requiring them to take a proportion of children from low-income families, the prime minister will say.

In the US

A silent epidemic

Public schools are struggling to handle millions of students mental health problems. Here’s why.

5 innovative tech initiatives happening in schools today

What technology initiatives are other schools and districts proud of?

These 2,000 kids are at highest risk to shoot or be shot

A coalition of government, law enforcement agencies, nonprofits, business and education groups announced an innovative and potentially controversial new effort to stem gun violence among schools.

District adds course on problem solving with technology

Schools will recruit artists, designers, and tech-minded students for creative problem-solving.

Rich-poor divide widening in school districts here and nationally

The result has been a worsening of America’s rich schools, poor schools divide — and its racial divide.

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