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edition 26 | 16-09-16

In the UK

New sexting guidance for schools released by the UK Council for Child Internet Safety

The UK Safer Internet Centre has worked together with the UKCCIS to develop new advice for schools and colleges about responding to sexting incidents and safeguarding young people.

MPs seek better plan to fight school sexual harassment

The government has no coherent plan for tackling sexual harassment and sexual violence in England's schools, say MPs.

Teach children about the dangers of pornography, MPs say

Children should be taught about the dangers of pornography as part of sex and relationships education (SRE) at primary school, a cross-party committee of MPs has said.

Instagram introduces new comment moderation tools

Instagram have unveiled a new comment moderation tool, allowing users to flag key words they do not want appearing in the comments on their pictures.

My daughter is struggling to settle at primary school - what should I do?

Starting primary school doesn't come easily for all youngsters.

In the US

Steve Jobs' widow is giving two L.A. teachers $10 million to start a school for homeless and foster youth

Instead of going to school, school will come to you.

This global classroom features Mystery Skype and collaboration projects

Working with Flat Connections, one classroom opens its doors to the world.

America has a teacher shortage, and a new study says it’s getting worse

The United States is facing its first major teacher shortage since the 1990s.

What’s next in ed-tech? These 18 trends

Annual Horizon Report lists key ed-tech trends from collaborative learning to VR and wearable tech.

For Kids, anxiety about school can feel like 'being chased by a lion'

For some kids out there, anxiety is such a debilitating condition that they may not even make it to school.

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