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edition 28 | 30-09-16

In the UK

Welby: we need to understand what Jihadists are talking about

Children should be taught to understand the mindset of Jihadist terrorists to help them make sense of the world in which they are growing up.

Protecting children from online pornography – another step forward

We hear from Childnet, one of three charities in the UK Safer Internet Centre, about ongoing efforts to protect children from online pornography.

School scraps homework to give teachers time to plan lessons

A school has scrapped all homework to allow teachers more time to plan lessons, it has emerged.

'Smart drug' warning for students

The government's watchdog has issued a warning to students about the dangers of taking "smart drugs".

Pupil nationality data 'will not be passed to Home Office'

Data on pupils' nationality now being collected by schools will be not passed to immigration officials or the Home Office, the government has said.

In the US

LGBT students still endure hostile school environments

More than half of the students in a recent survey reported hearing expressions using "gay" in a negative way while at school.

Colorado to use pot tax to fund anti-bullying programs In schools

Colorado is trying to weed out the bullies from its schools.

Preliminary count shows CPS enrollment plunged since last year

Enrollment at Chicago Public Schools has dropped by 3.5 percent since last September, according to a preliminary count that shows a loss of about 13,000 students.

Former high school rebel, now head of U.S. education system

U.S. Education Secretary John King believes in the power of second chances. If he hadn't been given one, he says he wouldn't be where he is today.

How native students can succeed in college: 'be as tough as the land that made you'

The hurdles Native American teenagers face in and out of school are daunting.

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