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edition 3 | 25-03-16

In the UK

Sexting among under-16s skyrocketing, says Labour

Sexting among young people is "skyrocketing" but the government is "refusing to protect the smartphone generation", says Labour.

Teachers protest against academy plan

Teachers' unions are staging rallies against the government's plan to force all schools in England to become academies.

New chief schools adjudicator named

Civil servant Shan Scott will become England’s new chief schools adjudicator, the education secretary has confirmed.

Sir Ken Robinson urges schools to help increase outdoor playtime for children

Three-quarters of parents say their child prefers to play sport online rather than in the real world.

School food loophole must be closed, council leaders urge

A loophole exempting thousands of England's schools from healthy eating standards must be closed to combat child obesity, say council leaders.

In the US

US universities top world rankings in three-quarters of subjects

The US and the UK dominate the latest QS subject league tables – with Harvard, MIT, Oxford and Cambridge coming out top.

Professors’ group says efforts to halt sexual harassment have stifled speech

The growing federal emphasis on combating sexual harassment on campus, along with universities’ broadening definitions of inappropriate sexual behavior, has had a chilling effect on academic freedom and speech.

Sexual harassment in K-12 schools a pervasive problem

Some studies say as many as 4 out of 5 American children and teens are sexually harassed at school. But when educators and school staff are the perpetrators, it can be extremely difficult for a student victim to obtain redress.

U.S. high schoolers discover cuba on educational trips

President Barack Obama is visiting Cuba this week, making him the first sitting president to visit the country in nearly 90 years. Some high school students are embarking on trips to the country that has been off-limits to most Americans for decades.

Following Brussels attack, U.S. universities reach out to students abroad

Schools in Illinois, Missouri, Virginia, and Michigan have reported that their students in the region are all accounted for.

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