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edition 32 | 04-11-16

In the UK

Without sex education at the earliest possible age, our children will turn to porn

We are failing these children if we don't provide them with resilience and relationships education.

The UK is a world leader in ed tech – how do we keep it that way?

Ed tech supports great teaching, sharpens useful assessment, helps consolidate learning and opens up new worlds in literature, creativity and the arts.

Bad childhood experiences 'mean chronic illness more likely'

Children who are exposed to abuse, domestic violence or other stresses are far more likely to develop long term health problems, says new research.

Government's controversial school census to record pupil nationality 'has all the hallmarks of racism', Lords warn

"Children are children, and to use their personal information for immigration enforcement is disingenuous, irresponsible, and not the hallmark of a tolerant, open and caring society."

BBC children's director says she is 'proud' of transgender programme aimed at children

The BBC Children's director has said she is "proud" of a sex change programme for children as young as six.

In the US

How to listen so that kids will talk about bullying

Parents, in general, are very eager to talk about bullying while their kids, on the other hand, seem to want to do anything but talk to their parents about this topic.

Girl uses Google Translate to ask new classmate to sit with her at lunch

She realized he didn’t speak much English, but that didn’t stop her.

Harvard cancels men’s soccer season after finding more ‘scouting reports’ on women

Harvard University canceled its men’s soccer season after learning that sexually explicit ‘scouting reports’ about the women’s soccer recruits continued through 2016.

Business leaders try their hand at teaching for a day

Director Christie Grays helps students, while teaching for a day on Friday at Norland Senior High during a Teach-A-Thon fundraiser.

A teacher punched a second-grader in the face because she was ‘tired of him,’ police say

Lisa Allison told police that one of her students was “making noises” before she told him to leave her second-grade classroom at Landis Elementary School in Houston.

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