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edition 33 | 11-11-16

In the UK

'Why animals are a teacher's (and a student's) best friend'

This head says that for children with anxiety issues, animals can have a substantial impact.

Call for teachers to help with video project showing reality of childhood

The Our Lives: Growing up Today project aims to build an archive of life beyond 'social media perfection', and teachers are being asked to help.

Is early years tech education enough to get girls into IT?

Many hope the computing curriculum can help reverse the tech industry's gender gap – but should we be doing more?

Ofsted wrong to penalise Islamic school over gender segregation, court rules

Judge rejects school’s claim it was unfairly targeted after books that tacitly approve domestic violence were found in library.

Apprenticeships 'must address distinct needs of teens'

Too many apprenticeships in England do not help teenagers start a career or progress to higher vocational education, research suggests.

In the US

Finding the right parent-teacher communication app for your class

One teacher shares her tips (and spreadsheet) for comparing parent teacher tools.

UC regent's breast comments prompt proposal for tighter rules on sexual harassment

University of California regents will consider tighter rules against fellow board members who commit sexual harassment, even if the conduct occurs outside official university business.

Principals work 60-hour weeks, study finds

A national study shows that principals regularly clock more than a standard, full-time workload every week.

Virginia colleges are bracing for potentially significant state budget cuts

With Virginia facing a $1.5 billion budget shortfall, the commonwealth’s public colleges and universities are looking for ways to offset a potentially significant loss of state funding.

Suspect in custody after stabbing at Rutgers

Two people were attacked in an office at Rutgers Business School on Friday afternoon by a person with a knife, according to university officials.

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