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edition 35 | 25-11-16

In the UK

Girl Guides involve boys in battle against gender violence

In the UK, MPs have called for action to tackle sexual harassment and violence in England's schools.

Pupils taught Disney fairy tales promote sexism and domestic violence in online lesson plan

Pupils are being taught that Disney fairy tales promote sexism and domestic violence in a lesson plan circulated among teachers.

Ann Maguire: Husband criticises review into teacher's murder

The husband of murdered teacher Ann Maguire has branded a review into her death as "very disappointing".

Confident fathers have happier children, says study

Confident fathers who embrace becoming a parent are less likely to have children who display behavioural issues before the teenage years, a study says.

Six ways that an Ofsted inspection is like an episode of The Apprentice

The average Ofsted inspection might not end with someone getting fired ─ but there are similarities between a school inspection and the television show The Apprentice, says one primary teacher.

In the US

3 ways parents can help depressed teens cope at school

Parents can help teens seek mental health treatment, as more teens report being depressed.

Drugs, alcohol not involved in Chattanooga crash; 6th child dies

A toxicology test was performed on the bus driver, who is in jail on five vehicular homicide charges.

A Bronx librarian keen on teaching homeless children a lasting love of books

Mr. Nembhard wants children to have a lifelong relationship with libraries, which, he said, offer much more than books, including free wireless modems they can use at home during the school year.

Bilingual education returns to California. Now what?

Voters in California officially ended the era of English-only instruction in public schools and lifted restrictions on bilingual education.

How to talk to kids about thanksgiving

Rebecca Valbuena has been teaching mostly third and fifth grade for 28 years. She has seen the whole range when it comes to teaching Thanksgiving.

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