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edition 36 | 06-01-17

In the UK

Online safety: Internet 'not designed for children'

Youngsters are not prepared for what they are signing up to on the internet, and are frequently giving personal information away, according to the Children's Commissioner for England.

One in three children send naked selfies online because parents let them 'roam free' on the internet

Parents have been warned that they may not know what their children are doing on their phones.

Book explaining gender diversity to primary school children sparks furore

CJ Atkinson, author of Can I Tell You About Gender Diversity?, calls fury over book from Mail on Sunday and Tory grandees a ‘trans-panic’.

Scottish teachers and lecturers paid £600,000 in compensation

Teachers and lecturers across Scotland were paid more than £600,000 in compensation for injuries - including from assaults and accidents - at work in the past year.

Procrastination? I'll get back to you...

In these first days of the new year, millions of us will have embarked on a resolution for 2017.

In the US

A teen spread a racist video of a black classmate eating chicken. Both face criminal charges.

The video was humiliating and racist, and it had spread to other students at the speed of the Internet.

Chicago Facebook Live beating suspects charged with hate crimes

The half-hour video, which exploded on social media Wednesday shows four students beating and torturing a special needs student — and livestreaming the assault on Facebook.

5 Online Education Trends to Watch in 2017

Experts predict more online programs will offer alternative credentials and degrees in specialized fields.

Too sexy for school? Virginia bill would require 'sexually explicit' books be flagged for parents

Virginia won't be for lovers anymore if the state's Board of Education moves forward with a proposal that would require schools to notify students' parents about "sexually explicit" texts assigned in classes.

In the marketplace: Schools expect digital learning budgets to increase

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