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edition 39 | 24-02-17

In the UK

Character is the most important lesson young people can learn

When it comes to lessons for tomorrow’s pupils, it is not academia that should be the focus, but resilience, aspiration and compassion so said Prince Harry.

Family ties: how to get parents involved in children's learning

Use social media to share classroom projects, involve mums and dads in homework and try visiting them at home, say the experts.

Students to be offered university degrees over two years

Students studying in the UK will now be offered two-year degrees under plans outlined by education ministers on Friday.

Teacher shortages at 'crisis' point as pupil numbers set to soar, MPs warn

Education Committee chair warns recruitment 'critical' as secondary-school age population set to reach three million by 2020.

25 ways to future-proof your child

How do you prepare your child for a career in rewilding strategies or memory storage?

In the US

How to teach teens about human trafficking

High school educators first need to understand what modern slavery is before they can teach students about the issue.

Teachers in one district urged to learn in their pajamas

When the weather gets rough, technology and pajamas help teachers with PD days.

One woman’s quest to take bullets off Miami streets

Susan Kennedy is on a mission to end gun violence in Miami-Dade one bullet at a time.

Want more jobs? Give high school students more exposure to training for a variety of careers

Instead of waiting for Washington, employers are beginning to act.

Miami-Dade and Broward schools to keep protections for transgender students

The Miami-Dade and Broward school districts plan to keep protections for transgender students in place despite a change in federal policy.

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