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edition 4 | 01-04-16

In the UK

Sexist bullying 'can make bright girls feel unfeminine'

Girls feel they have to choose between being attractive or clever because of sexist name calling in schools, a teachers' union leader has warned.

93% of school leaders 'against government's education plans

Poll by NUT reveals huge majority of headteachers, deputies and assistants disapprove of academisation project.

Ofsted must hold schools accountable for teachers’ wellbeing, workload advisers say

Ofsted must hold schools accountable for teachers’ wellbeing to make a real difference to their excessive workload, government advisers have told TES.​

Schools to be told to introduce daily "free learning" hour

Plans from the government would see pupils encouraged to decide what they want to learn about during the hour. The teachers’ role will be to act as their “guides on the side”.

Toddlers 'need early years teachers in nurseries'

Every nursery in England should have a qualified early years teacher to help toddlers develop skills like speech and language, a children's charity says.

In the US

Supreme Court's deadlock on union fees could be the first of many tie votes

A well-planned legal assault on public unions collapsed Tuesday when the Supreme Court deadlocked over a California woman’s lawsuit to strike down mandatory fees.

FBI game for extremist identification takes flak

US Federal Bureau of Investigation is considering launching an interactive program to train teachers and students in prevention of joining extremist groups. Muslim, Arab, religious leaders argue too much emphasis is placed on Islamic extremism rather than extremism in general.

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