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edition 42 | 19-05-17

In the UK

Grime artist Stormzy donates £9,000 to a student's
crowdfunding page

Stormzy has donated £9,000 to a student's crowdfunding campaign so that she can study at Harvard in the US.

Schools more vulnerable to cyber-attack due to 'budget pressures'

Schools escaped the recent global cyber-attack through pure 'luck', warns expert.

Boy, 11, hacks cyber-security audience to give lesson on 'weaponisation' of toys

Reuben Paul, 11, tells conference that smart cars, fridges, lights and even teddy bears can be used to spy on or harm people.

Modern Guides: From cooking to campaigning for sex education

Charlotte Forrester, 18, says she was proud to learn "cooking and camping" as a child at Brownies. But as a teenage Guide, she now campaigns for sex education lessons in school, among other issues.

'Schools can't take sole responsibility for their pupils' relationships with food'

Education alone cannot tackle eating disorders – it's the whole of society who must shoulder that burden, writes the former government mental health champion.

In the US

A Timeline of Rulings, Regulations About Student Sex Assault

Court rulings and evolving regulations have affected how schools respond to student sex assault allegations over time.

US schools plagued by bullying as sexual assault reports surge on college campuses – report

Bullying is a major problem at US schools, according to a new report which found that students are often shoved, hit and kicked by their peers.

Can your child's internet-connected toy expose personal data?

It's no secret that sharing personal information online comes with risk. But what if toys were also making it possible for hackers to access both you and your children's information?

Barry University grad overcame health problems, social stigma for a master’s degree

After 13 straight semesters, Joel Breneman is the proud holder of a master’s degree in social work from Barry University.

Chromebook takeover signals major shift in education…but not in the way you may think

Google's Chromebooks are now the most used devices in K-12 classrooms across the U.S. But is there more to the story than cheaper hardware?

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