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edition 44 | 02-06-17

In the UK

Exclusive: Pupils risking their lives as mental health services collapse

Teenagers turned away by overstretched health services resort to drastic action to get help.

44% rise in child sex offences involving the internet in the last year

Next government must make online safety a priority to protect children.

How teachers can guard and make the most of 'gained time'

When Year 11 classes depart, a teacher's timetable can suddenly seem a lot more bearable. But using the time wisely takes planning, says Stephanie Keenan.

Campaigners hit back at claims that sex education is counterproductive

Educators dismiss finding that cutting spending on sex education leads to fewer teenage pregnancies.

Reading for pleasure falls after primary school years

Only one-third of teenage boys in the UK say they enjoy reading, a study by the National Literacy Trust suggests.

In the US

By correctly spelling ‘marocain,’ California girl becomes bee queen

Some of the words they spelled: Heiligenschein. Durchkomponiert. Sceloporus.

For mother of a murdered son, graduation day proves bittersweet

Richard Hallman got his high school diploma on Thursday morning, but he wasn’t there to receive it.

‘Journey of Hope’: Fourth Graders Create an Immigration Musical

Fourth graders stood on stage to sing about the American Dream.

‘13 Reasons Why’ has sparked conversation about teen suicide

Veronica Lepere wants her 11-year-old son to feel like he can talk to her about anything — especially after he was bullied at school.

Learn how teens can get high school credit for internships

Teens can try out careers and fulfill high school requirements through internships but may have to sacrifice other activities or electives.

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