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edition 45 | 09-06-17

In the UK

One Love Manchester: Joy shines through pain at benefit concert

The benefit concert held in the wake of the Manchester attack turned into a night of unity, healing and joy for 50,000 music fans.

Pupils using fake Tinder accounts to prank teachers amid rise in social media tricks, experts warn

Teachers report having pictures shared across the internet and being set up for fake dates as part of increasingly inventive and 'traumatic' pupil pranks.

Parents reduced to crowdfunding for whiteboards due to education cuts

National Union of Teachers are sharing extreme examples of how loss of funding is affecting schools across the country.

Schools cancel trips in the wake of London and Manchester terror attacks

The attacks at London Bridge, the Manchester Arena and Westminster have prompted some schools and parents to rethink plans and procedures.

UK universities fall down global league tables after budget cuts

Frozen tuition fees, a lack of research funding and fewer highly qualified staff than international rivals sees UK institutions suffer in world rankings.

In the US

As rates of suicidal youth increase, doctors look at influence of school internet

Pediatric Academic Societies Meeting found that the number of children and teens admitted to children’s hospital for thoughts of suicide or self-harm have more than doubled in the last decade.

‘Phigital’ students demand new approaches from educators

Generation Z is the first ‘phigital’ generation, in which a student does not make a distinction between the physical world and the digital one.

3 tips for teens to balance a side hustle

Teenage entrepreneurs share tips on how their peers can start and manage both a thriving business and school.

School funding runs out June 30. Senate seeks fail-safe; House won’t agree.

Wanting the ensure Florida’s 200 K-12 public schools can “keep the lights on and keep the doors open” after June 30th, the Florida Senate took the unusual step to override a veto by Gov. Rick Scott.

The 3 major dos and don’t of blended learning

Administrator discusses how to think about blended learning implementation in stages, refinement and honing.

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