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edition 49 | 14-07-17

In the UK

Autistic children self-harm warning over slow diagnosis

Failure to correctly diagnose the special needs of children could lead them to self-harm, it has been claimed.

Middle-class children 'being groomed to sell drugs'

Children as young as eight from "stable and economically better-off" backgrounds are at risk of being exploited by gangs using “county lines” tactics, which facilitate the supply of class A drugs from urban areas to county or coastal towns, it found.

Suicides by young people peak in exam season, report finds

Suicides among children and young adults peak at the beginning of exam season, it has emerged, adding to fears that pressure to get good results is harming their mental health.

Record numbers of teachers banned for sexual misconduct

A third of teachers struck off last year were involved in sex-related cases, and in the highest numbers for three years, according to exclusive new figures

New Netflix film about anorexia divides eating disorder activists

A new Netflix film, which tells the story of a woman who has anorexia, is dividing opinion.

In the US

New hampshire will investigate St. Paul’s School over sex abuse

The attorney general of New Hampshire on Thursday announced a criminal investigation into St. Paul’s School, an exclusive boarding school that has been embroiled in a series of damaging reports over sexual misconduct and abuse on campus.

Apps and platforms offer great opportunities for principals

There are a multitude of social media platforms and apps that could be beneficial for principals, including many common apps that are not always utilized for professional use by principals

Cross-examination of surveys details top challenges facing teachers

Citing survey results from MeTEOR Education, Speak Up, the University of Phoenix College of Education and Front Row Education, eSchool News details nine of the top challenges facing teachers in the classroom

Kids struggling with addiction need school, too, but there are few options

When young people struggle through addiction or substance abuse, there's also the question of school. Getting behind academically can be detrimental to learning and future success, but traditional school can be tough for kids whose peer groups use drugs or alcohol and where treatment resources can be limited.

DeVos: Too many college students have been treated unfairly under Obama-era sexual assault policy

Education Secretary Betsy DeVos said Thursday that too many students have been treated unfairly as colleges have sought to comply with Obama-era policy on handling sexual assault, but she declined to offer any specifics about how she intends to move forward on one of the more controversial and closely watched issues handled by her agency.

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