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edition 51 | 28-07-17

In the UK

How to bring out the genius in your child

What teachers and parents can do to develop the skills, values, attitudes and attributes necessary for a lifetime of success.

Free school fails to enter any year 11 pupils for GCSEs because they are ‘not mature enough’

Pupils at Route 39 Academy were ‘neither ready academically nor sufficiently mature or resilient’ to take the compulsory exams, according to school leaders.

Labour warns of 60% four-year rise in unqualified teachers

There are 24,000 teachers without formal teaching qualifications in state schools in England – an increase of more than 60% in four years.

Physics teacher banned after drunken sex with pupil in plane toilet

A physics teacher who had sex with a pupil in the lavatory of a plane was caught after a second pupil tried to blackmail her.

Government data on student migration ‘misleading’, say watchdog

Experts undertaking a regulatory review of the ONS figures have expressed concerns that the data cited is unreliable, however, as student emigration numbers are based on surverys that do not provide an accurate overall picture of migration patterns.

In the US

Students say they don’t know where to turn for mental health services

Young people have pronounced value of their mental health but do not know how to access resources that can increase their ability to deal with stress, anxiety and other mental health issues.

The top 10 most- and least-educated cities in the US

On Tuesday, WalletHub released a new ranking of the most and least education cities in the U.S.

Internet Filtering: And Why It Doesn’t Really Help Protect Teens

There is equivocal to strong evidence that household-level Internet filtering does not reduce the chance of adolescents having recent aversive online experiences.

Trump’s salary donation to STEM is a “political student”, education experts say

The president has contributed $100,000 of his annual salary to a STEM camp for students, the secretary of education announced.

District chief: Why school success stops and ends with teachers

School district CEO learns that investing in the future for education starts by investing in its people-specifically, teachers.

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