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edition 52 | 04-08-17

In the UK

‘We felt we had no option’: school trips halted over terror fears

Charities are worried about the number of schools cancelling cultural outings, just when they are needed more than ever.

'Teach pupils to avoid gangs' - children's commissioner

Pupils should be taught in school how to avoid being sucked into gangs or exploited by older criminals, the children's commissioner has said.

Family judge 'ashamed' by support for suicidal girl

Society should be "ashamed" for not protecting a suicidal girl in secure custody, a senior judge has said.

Extra funding for schools only leads to 'modest' attainment boost

Department for Education research finds that spending an extra £1,000 per pupil boosts results by only 'a fraction of a grade' – and only at primary level.

Poorest pupils 'two years behind when they sit GCSEs'

The very poorest children in England have fallen even further behind their non-disadvantaged classmates since 2007, research says.

In the US

Hot new app Sarahah promotes ‘candor,’ but some say it’s tailor-made for bullying

Sarahah, an anonymous messaging app skyrocketing in popularity among U.S. teens, promotes honest feedback but could be a tool for cyberbullying, critics say.

Third School Report Finds Sexual Misconduct by Choate Teacher

He was an English teacher who did not last long at any particular school, and as he moved from place to place, Frederic Lyman appears to have left behind a trail of sexual misconduct.

How to navigate the new device-agnostic classroom

How can schools ensure that they are creating effective, purposeful learning environments in a device-agnostic classroom? It helps to begin by asking 3 questions.

Former Md. school worker faces 100 counts of child sex abuse

A former middle school instructional assistant infected with HIV is facing more than 100 felony counts of child sex abuse and other offenses after authorities in Southern Maryland identified at least two dozen victims, according to Charles County court documents and lawyers.

Away From The Police Sirens, Work To Protect The Young And Vulnerable From Radicalisation Is As Essential As Ever

In recent weeks, the NSPCC reported a spike in the number of children requesting counselling sessions for race or faith-based bullying following the recent terror attacks. Around the same time, there has also been a rise in reported Islamophobic incidents.

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