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edition 53 | 11-08-17

In the UK

Children consuming online time ‘like junk food’

Parents must intervene to stop their children overusing social media and consuming time online “like junk food”, the children’s commissioner has said.

Children as young as five being excluded for ‘sexual misconduct’

Incidents including young children watching pornography and sharing of indecent images has fuelled class for a revamp of sex and relationships education in schools.

Bullying doesn’t stop just because it’s the holidays, warns Childline

In 2015/16, the charity received more than 25,000 calls from children across the UK worried about it.

Fewer pupils expecting to go to university, says survey

The number of secondary school pupils in England and Wales expecting to go to university has fallen for the second year in a row, a survey has found.

Is it good that young people are staying on in education?

On exam results day, education correspondent Jamie McIvor asks a fundamental and unfashionable question: is it a good thing that more youngsters than ever before stay on at school or go to college and university?

In the US

A new kind of classroom: No grades, no failing, no hurry

Moheeb is part of a new program that is challenging the way teachers and students think about academic accomplishments, and his school is one of hundreds that have done away with traditional letter grades inside their classrooms.

University of Georgia drops plan to allow students to mark their own exams

Initiative proposed by College of Business professor Rick Watson as ‘stress reduction policy’ abandoned by dean after concluding it was ‘ill-advised’.

How classroom furniture has evolved in the last decade

Since 2007, flexible and collaborative learning spaces have been on the rise.

Teenage pregnancy in the US is at an all-time low. Trump could soon change that

Trump administration’s decision to cut nationwide sex ed programs is putting many young lives at risk.

New U.S. student loan system to be in place in 2019: Education Department

A whole new student loan servicing and processing system will be up and running in 2019, the U.S. Education Department said on Tuesday, as it formally unveiled its plan to overhaul the current $1.3 trillion program.

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