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edition 54 | 18-08-17

In the UK

'169 sex attacks' reported by QUB students

Almost 170 students at Queen's University, Belfast (QUB) said they had been sexually assaulted, according to a survey conducted at the university.

Greater numbers of teenagers are seeking help due exam results stress

Figures released by Childline show that more than 1,000 counselling sessions were provided to teenagers worried about their grades in the last financial year, a rise of more than a fifth (21 per cent) over the last two years.

Vulnerable children not in crisis are 'left in limbo'

Thousands of vulnerable children in England are being "left in limbo" because their needs are not severe enough, a charity has warned.

School cyberbullies more likely to attempt suicide, study finds

Cyberbullies are around 20 per cent more likely to have suicidal thoughts and attempt suicide than non-perpetrators.

Counselling domestic abusers cuts offending by third, say researchers

A radical counselling scheme for some domestic abusers cuts offending by a third, researchers say.

In the US

Districts start school year with thoughts on how to handle Charlottesville protests

Experts recommend administrators provide support and PD to teachers on addressing difficult subjects.

Parents confront Maryland school leaders after sex abuse allegations

Some parents from a suburban Maryland middle school called for the Charles County superintendent to resign during a tense meeting Wednesday night with school system officials after a former staff member was charged with sexually abusing at least 24 children.

Early home environment impacts elementary success

Children who have had more access to books, learning materials and rich conversations during their early years at home have cognitive skills that can contribute to academic success throughout elementary school.

UF won’t let white nationalist leader speak on campus over safety concerns

The University of Florida denied so-called “alt-right” leader Richard Spencer’s request to speak on campus in September, citing “serious concerns for safety,” and there are concerns that the university may face a legal challenge over its decision.

High School Teachers Can Stay Neutral on Current Events

As high school teachers prepare for the first day of class, they should be ready to address current events with students – but are generally advised to hold back their opinions, educators say.

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