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edition 55 | 25-08-17

In the UK

Children as young as seven worried about seeing pornography online

53 per cent of children aged between seven and 12 were worried about seeing "rude images and pictures" on the internet.

New ‘Teach First’ to train teachers as mental health specialists

UK charity aims to recruit and develop teachers specially to help vulnerable pupils at risk of exclusion.

West Sussex children raise concerns about online abuse

The risks of abuse online is just as high as in the physical world. On average two children in every primary school classroom have experienced abuse or neglect.

No secure care place available for 'dangerous' teenager, UK judge told

A senior judge has expressed concern after being told there is no secure accommodation anywhere in the country for a “troubled and dangerous” teenager believed to be involved in serious gangland activity.

Pupils 'put at risk by falling number of school nurses'

Royal College of Nursing calls on government to give councils money for fully-staffed school nursing service.

In the US

Dad shares predatory messages sent to seven-year-old daughter on popular music app

A dad has shared distressing screenshots of messages his seven-year-old daughter received from an online predator in a bid to warn other parents.

Artificial intelligence in education: don't ignore it, harness it!

With children increasingly using tablets and coding becoming part of national curricula around the world, technology is becoming an integral part of classrooms, just like chalk and blackboards.

Sexting incidents in schools present challenges for administrators

School administrators are increasingly being called on to handle sexting incidents in schools that involve students as well as staff members, Education Week reports.

NRF: 60% of back-to-school shopping money spent on electronics

60% of the $29.5 billion spent on back-to-school shopping nationwide will be spent on electronics, EdTech: Focus on K-12 reports due to a rise in BYOD programs in K-12, 45% of parents told the NRF that they plan to purchase a laptop for their student's use, while 35% plan to buy a tablet.

Philadelphia hiring social workers for 22 schools

The city’s plan reflects a growing focus nationally on students’ social-emotional growth and on the factors outside of the classroom that keep students from being successful.

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